Welcome to Notamakeupguru. We love make up, fashion, shoes, music and all things girly girl <3 We'll be posting up videos on youtube, and posting up new styles and trends right here on the site just to keep everyone in the loop. We are in NEW YORK CITY! So you can trust that all the latest tips and trends are coming to you from the heartbeat of all things FABULOUS <3 We'll be posting weekly so be sure to check back soon! We really want to stress the fact that we're just  normal girls like all other girls all over the world. We just explore styles, and colors, and just really love to have fun <3 We are normal teen, so we'll also be letting you in on some things from our everyday lives on our blogs. Be sure to check all the pages for the newest updates.       

Stay Beautiful

Love, Notamakeupguru Team :)

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NEW POST! 08/27/11

New Video & Blog updates! Check out Jasmine's newest song and Nicole's BIG news! 


Hey Loves,

   New video below!


Hey Loves, 

     There's quite a few new things on the site I haven't mentioned! But I'm sure you peeked already. Jasmine wrote her very first full blog entry *whispers* it's really good. Check that out here ----> Jasmine's Blog. Then I wrote a new one too telling you guys about my new online portfolio check that out here -----> Nicole's Blog. And finally we have a new Product we love or hate up! Check that out too! Right here ------> Products We Love and Hate. That's it for now! Til next time.

Stay Beautiful, 

               Nicole <3


NEW VIDEO ALERT! CHECK IT OUT BELOW! It's an inspired look from Jennifer Lopez's new video I'm into you. It's pretty oawesome :D


Hey Loves,

    I'm going to keep trying to fix the website because we're expanding :D YAY! But for now the latest and greatest is this brand new tutorial video for your night out! Hope you like it :)

5/ 26/11

Hey Gorgeous People,

    I made a new video! It has a michelle phan feel to it, which makes it more simple and easy to follow! So check it out below, it'll also be posted up on the video and picture gallery! Give it a quick look I think it's the best video I've created for my makeup channel so far :) 

Stay Beautiful, Nicole <3


Hey Loves, 

    Lately I've been really busy and its been kinda hard to keep updating everything. I'm sorry I've neglected you. However that is all about to change! Wanna know why? Because I'm introducing a new person to the Notamakeupguru team! Drum roll please! Its Jasmine! She'll be my fashion partner in crime! Together we'll show you all the latest and greatest styles in makeup, clothing, shoes, bags, nails, and so much MORE! Be on the look out for us! 

Stay Beautiful 



Hello Dolls <3

    I have been having a lot of trouble balancing my schedule right now! I'm totally not prioritizing! It's been a crazy few weeks and I'm in a bit of a slump, but making youtube videos is one thing keeping me alive! Sad yes I know, but enjoy the newest video I made up in the video gallery!

Click the link --->picture-gallery.php

Click here for the newest episodes of "Keeping it Real with The Reddys" http://www.youtube.com/user/KeepingitReddy

Here's my favorite products from February Video! 


Hello Gorgeous Readers :)

    I was wandering through youtube and found this hilarious family! They're really funny! Check out their video below and show them some love. LOL! Other than that its still cold here in New York and I can't take it anymore! Grrrr >:{


Namaste Loves <3

    I was bored and so I got dolled up and created this NEW video of how to get beautiful full curls! Check it out at the Gallery! -----> picture-gallery.php


Hello Loves! 

    I've been trying to think of new make up videos to make or funny random videos to start! If you have any ideas e-mail me! Check out my latest video Click the link! --->  picture-gallery.php


Hello Loves <3

    I've been a little sick lately, but I'm getting better little by little! I've posted up a new look on the gallery page and a new fashion blog post! Let me know what you think! By the way I've just added a forum to the blog page don't leave without posting something up! I love feedback from you guys <3

Stay Beautiful

Love, Nicole


Hello Loves <3

So sorry I haven't been posting since I started this site. I actually don't know if anyone has actually been checking this site out! LOL However I know that someone is going to come across it someday! When you do check out all the pages on this site especially the blog page! Also follow me on twitter at this link:  http://api.twitter.com/#!/Nickyologist

Also check out my youtube videos from my two different channels http://www.youtube.com/user/Nickyologist 


I also do a live blogTV show at least twice a week! 

Here's the address to my page: http://www.blogtv.com/People/Nickyologist

My latest video from Not A Make Up Guru is below check it out!

Stay Beautiful 

Love, Nicole          


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