Matching is so not over!

September 2, 2011
    I know what you're thinking "matching is just not cool anymore". But I think you're WRONG! This whole year has been about experimenting with colors. Celebs such as Hilary Duff and Kim Kardashian have been rocking "electric blue" skinny jeans. 
     But for those of us that are less daring when it comes to pops of color, why not try it out with your MAKEUP!
Lately I've been seeing it all around and I love it! Matching your eyeshadows with your shoes or accessories instead of your outfit! It's just pure brilliance! 
    Try it out and send us some pics at and we'll post your pics up on the site! :) 

Welcome Back Headbands

August 27, 2011
I know I've been neglecting this portion of the site. I'm sorry. But I have a really awesome idea! I think that instead of putting up one huge fashion trend post, I should just put up a small one every other day... or everyday we'll see how it works out. 
     So today's fashion post is going to be about headbands. Do you think they're in or out? Kim Kardashian rocked a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn inspired headpiece at her wedding. It was worth about $2.5 MILLION and 65 carats of diamonds. Headbands are looking like a big trend for fall as well. I was watching E! News and there was a debate about which celebrity wore a gorgeous headband better. I just thought to myself  O_O must. buy. headbands. NAO!

Spring is muy CALIENTE!

May 25, 2011
Spring is here! WOOOOOT! I'm so excited! They say Spring is the start of something fresh and new. I agree it's a time where you can take a break from those dark winter colors and be bright and bubbly! I love the pretty pastel pinks, blues, yellows, greens. They just make me smile.

If you're like me and you love to wear black this could present a problem, or it could just be difficult to transition into the lighter colors. Well one step that I found easy was to start switching black for brown. Then with time I'll start wearing beige and get lighter from there. Although I don't really wear anything that much lighter than beige. 

However don't store all of your black wardrobe away. Keep those cute black skinny jeans for and hot night outfit! Take a look at how I "spring-ified" my favorite pair. Sorry that the picture is sideways I was trying to fix it, but it wouldn't upload onto yolasite rotated. 

 Here's what I'm wearing: Skinny Jeans= $20 from Wet Seal, Shoes=  $30 from JCPenney, Shirt= $15 from Garage, Belt= $15 from Aldo's (its a braided skinny belt and it's 2 belts for $15. 

And for those chilly spring nights add an ultra "caliente" black leather jacket! 

 So try a new look out of your comfort zone, and really take advantage of the SPRING! 

Stay Beautiful,

Nude is in

March 15, 2011
I figured that title would catch your eye!

This season like I mentioned in my last blog entry is mixing neutrals with a pop of color! So this season you must go out and get a pair of nude heels! This pair of pumps that I recently bought for about $20 I've been pairing with so many awesome outfits. So I figure it's an amazing investment! Plus they do wonders for your legs!  hehe (^_^)
   If you want these same shoes check out the link

Mixing colors is a new trend showing up on the fashion charts is called color-blocking which is just taking vibrant colors and putting them together! It may sound weird but if you mix the right colors it looks really chic <3 This type of look is a little too bold for me so I decided that instead of incorporating it into my clothes I would have to incorporate it somehow. I ended up choosing a gorgeous bright vibrant blue for my nails! 
To get this same color for $3 click here --->

Another trend that I really like is monotone colors! It's been around for a while but now is when everyone is really taking it to the next level! Lately I've tried it myself and I love the way it looked! For example I have black skinny jeans and I match it with a cream colored blouse but instead of cream shoes I put black shoes and use all black accessories! I've tried to take a picture but the black is hard to see against my bed sheets. I'll try to update this post soon with a picture! 

Thanks for checking out this Spring Fashion Report! Don't forget to check out the forum you can leave questions, comments, messages, anything! Plus don't leave without checking the contact me page!
 Stay Beautiful
Love, Nicole <3

Spring Is Almost Here!

February 19, 2011

Hey Dolls! 

    So here in New York City we had a wonderful friday yesterday it went up to 65 degrees! I was soooooo happy :) The only bad thing was that I'm getting a little sick, but I hope it'll be over soon! 

So I'm super-excited for the spring, no more heavy coats to lug around! But more importantly I'm ready for the new trends ready to make a splash on the scene! 

This season we are definitely going to see pastel colors like every spring, but along with the pastels I think we'll see some darker colors like violet, navy blue, burgundy, and even black being matched! 

This season I am definitely getting into the neutral color with a bright splash of color! Just yesterday I tested out certain colors together and I loved the outcome check out the outfit below and let me know what you guys think!


Stay Beautiful
Love, Nicole

Winter Wonder Land

February 15, 2011
    Hey Dolls! So if you didn't know I'm in college and what's better than going to college in New York City where fashion lives? ;) So I've spotted some awesome trends while walking around campus and I wanted to share some of them with you gals!

This winter was super cold but that definitely didn't stop anyone from showing their style throught their winter-wear! These awesome boots are showing up every where you should definitely invest in these beauties before spring comes around!

 First Boot: These combat inspired boots have just enough GLAM & EDGE to make it wear-able for everyday use! Plus they go perfect with with a leather jacket! I bought it at a store called 10 Spot for $25. Here's the website link so you can locate a store near you:

Second Boot: These military/riding style inspired boots are almost knee high give a grounded feel to your classy white button down! You can find them for $35 at this link:


 Infinity scarves like the one below are definitely hitting it big! I wear mine everyday! I bought this one at a market for only $5 but you can find them anywhere is any of your local boutiques! Here's a link to a search I made on

The last hot trend that I found was huge tote bags! To carry around all your books and your daily necessities! I found gorg taupe bag for half off in a store called Rainbow! They always have a pretty selection of bags! Here's their web address:


So that's it for my Winter Wonder Land Fashion Report! Tune in Next time for the latest and greatest fashion trends! 

Stay Beautiful

Love, Nicole <3

A Fresh New Start

January 18, 2011
Thanks so much for really checking all the pages! I think it's amazing to know that there really are genuine people out there ^_^  I started this new year just like I ended my old one, really wanting to change my life but honestly not knowing how nor where to start. Last year I was so inspired by a lot of the make up gurus in youtube that I wanted to begin making my own make up videos. To say the least it didn't go as well as I had hoped. I wondered why no one had responded and then I thought wow I really had no idea what I was doing! LOL =D I needed help, and so I gave up the make up videos and started doing some more random videos. So now I have to separate channels one is notamakeupguru which is the make up and fashion channel, and the other is Nickyologist which is the random video/ vlog channel. I was attempting to sleep one night when I was watching some make up videos and I loved it and wondered "why didn't I try again, I am going to try it again but this time it'll be BETTER!" So here I am now trying this out again, who knows if it'll take off? I don't but all I can do now is hope<3 Thanks for supporting you guys are the best, please send me any requests or send a comment to my email just click on the "Contact Me" page!
Below is pretty much like my Welcome Video, Check it out!

02 Drive My Soul.mp3


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