Thanks so much for really checking all the pages! I think it's amazing to know that there really are genuine people out there ^_^  I started this new year just like I ended my old one, really wanting to change my life but honestly not knowing how nor where to start. Last year I was so inspired by a lot of the make up gurus in youtube that I wanted to begin making my own make up videos. To say the least it didn't go as well as I had hoped. I wondered why no one had responded and then I thought wow I really had no idea what I was doing! LOL =D I needed help, and so I gave up the make up videos and started doing some more random videos. So now I have to separate channels one is notamakeupguru which is the make up and fashion channel, and the other is Nickyologist which is the random video/ vlog channel. I was attempting to sleep one night when I was watching some make up videos and I loved it and wondered "why didn't I try again, I am going to try it again but this time it'll be BETTER!" So here I am now trying this out again, who knows if it'll take off? I don't but all I can do now is hope<3 Thanks for supporting you guys are the best, please send me any requests or send a comment to my email just click on the "Contact Me" page!
Below is pretty much like my Welcome Video, Check it out!