I figured that title would catch your eye!

This season like I mentioned in my last blog entry is mixing neutrals with a pop of color! So this season you must go out and get a pair of nude heels! This pair of pumps that I recently bought for about $20 I've been pairing with so many awesome outfits. So I figure it's an amazing investment! Plus they do wonders for your legs!  hehe (^_^)
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Mixing colors is a new trend showing up on the fashion charts is called color-blocking which is just taking vibrant colors and putting them together! It may sound weird but if you mix the right colors it looks really chic <3 This type of look is a little too bold for me so I decided that instead of incorporating it into my clothes I would have to incorporate it somehow. I ended up choosing a gorgeous bright vibrant blue for my nails! 
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Another trend that I really like is monotone colors! It's been around for a while but now is when everyone is really taking it to the next level! Lately I've tried it myself and I love the way it looked! For example I have black skinny jeans and I match it with a cream colored blouse but instead of cream shoes I put black shoes and use all black accessories! I've tried to take a picture but the black is hard to see against my bed sheets. I'll try to update this post soon with a picture! 

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Love, Nicole <3