Hey Dolls! 

    So here in New York City we had a wonderful friday yesterday it went up to 65 degrees! I was soooooo happy :) The only bad thing was that I'm getting a little sick, but I hope it'll be over soon! 

So I'm super-excited for the spring, no more heavy coats to lug around! But more importantly I'm ready for the new trends ready to make a splash on the scene! 

This season we are definitely going to see pastel colors like every spring, but along with the pastels I think we'll see some darker colors like violet, navy blue, burgundy, and even black being matched! 

This season I am definitely getting into the neutral color with a bright splash of color! Just yesterday I tested out certain colors together and I loved the outcome check out the outfit below and let me know what you guys think!


Stay Beautiful
Love, Nicole