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Winter Wonder Land

Posted by Nicole Reddy on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, In : Fashion Report 
    Hey Dolls! So if you didn't know I'm in college and what's better than going to college in New York City where fashion lives? ;) So I've spotted some awesome trends while walking around campus and I wanted to share some of them with you gals!

This winter was super cold but that definitely didn't stop anyone from showing their style throught their winter-wear! These awesome boots are showing up every where you should definitely invest in these beauties before spring comes around!

 First Boo...

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A Fresh New Start

Posted by Nicole Reddy on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, In : Welcome 
Thanks so much for really checking all the pages! I think it's amazing to know that there really are genuine people out there ^_^  I started this new year just like I ended my old one, really wanting to change my life but honestly not knowing how nor where to start. Last year I was so inspired by a lot of the make up gurus in youtube that I wanted to begin making my own make up videos. To say the least it didn't go as well as I had hoped. I wondered why no one had responded and then I thought...
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