Bonjour! I'm bring you a new song and I'm sure you'll love it! This song is called "Don't Look Back" By She&Him. So enjoy!

 She & Him is an American indie folk duo consisting of Zooey Deschannel (vocals, piano, ukulele) and M.Ward (guitar, production). Zooey Deschannel is also known as her roles in movies such as Mumford, 500 day's of summer and she will be appearing in her first television series on FOX  named "New Girl".  M. Ward, is a Singer-Song writer and guitarist who rose to prominence in the Portland, Oregon music scene. The song "Don't Look Back" is about how it's stupid to look back and think what "could have been" and realize It's just not worth it. If you live life thinking about "what could of happen" or "it could have been" about a lost-love you'll be missing out on the real thing that's out there. 

What's my story? Well i had fallen for a guy...and i mean  really fell for this guy and it just didn't work out. And of course it hurt me. I kept thinking to myself all of these things that " could of happened" if it worked out. I thought about what we could have done or what we could of been and i was wasting my time. I wasn't enjoying myself. Then i was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she told me to listen to this song. So i listened to it...and listened to it...and listened to it. It was on repeat for about a week. And i realized i had to stop thinking..and live.

So that's today's song i hoped you enjoyed it. She & Him are an amazing indie-folk group, their music is so uplifting and always puts a smile on your face. So remember once those headphones are in the smile comes naturally. 

Forever yours <3