Hello There

      Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jasmine I am 18 years old and this is my new blog. If you didn't know The lovely and beautiful Nicole Reddy is my Best Friend. She was the one who actually made this blog for me, it just took me awhile to actually post. So before i start writing about...what ever it is I'm going to write about, let me tell you a bit about myself.

Well you already know my name...and how old i am. Other than that I am many things. I am girly but i am also...a mess. I'm all over the place if that makes any sense. I'm not as girly as Nicole...she knows like EVERYTHING girly. I thought i had a lot of make up...my little box does not compare to her truck load of beauty supplies. But i love her to death she's absolutely FABULOUS!  I just love watching her do what she loves to do. Another thing about myself...i LOVE music. I love how a persons voice gives me goosebumps and how lyrics make me wanna cry. Once my headphones are in my smile comes naturally. What else is there about me? I am VERY energetic! I love just jumping all over the place(not literally but you know what i mean). I'm creative, outspoken, and I'm...uhhh....little. That's how people know me...cause I'm short...But I'm ok with that ;D

So enough about me...I'm guessing your wondering what I'm going to be writing about...the truth is, I'm not so sure yet. I guess i'll figure it out along the way. But i promise you, you wont be bored. Just stay tuned...and enjoy the blog

Forever yours <3