Hello people of earth! So i think i realized what my blog is going to be about...Music. Just like Make-up is apart of Nicoles life well, music is apart of mine. So this idea came, every post will be titled after a song and i will write about the meaning of the song and a personal experience that comes with it. This way you guy's can get a taste of some new awesome music and trust me there will be at least one song you can relate to :)

So todays song is "Someone like you" By Adele. Adele is a English singer-songwriter. Her first album "19" was released to the U.S in 2008. Her second album "21" was released this year and sold 1.7 billion copies. This particular song from her second album talk's about heartbreak. I'm sure we all went through heartbreak at least once...or twice in our lives. But this song talk's about how the love of her life...Found the love of his life and how much she hurts over him, but in the end she wishes him the best and she will find...Someone like him.

It is a very sad song but it touches your heart. What's my story with this song? Like i said it's about heartbreak, and i've been heartbroken, not recently but i know the feeling. Everyone has at least one person who broke their heart. And yes at first you want the person to hurt as much as your hurting but the way i see it...It shouldn't always be that way. Sometimes in a relationship it just doesn't work out and it really isn't anyones fault. So Just like how i want everything to turn out great for me...I'd want the person to have nothing but the best for them. Because everyone deserves the best(in somme cases). 

I hope you don't think that I'm only going to put depressing song...HECK NO! I am going to put fun, exciting, awesome songs too, so don't worry! I just feel like this song can relate to a lot of people. So keep reading, keep listening and remember once those headphones are in, the smile will come naturally ;)

Forever yours<3