Hey guys! Its me again with a new song for you! Well today's song is By Selena Gomez & The scene and the song is called "Who Say's. I'll be honest I'm not her biggest fan...I'm more of a Demi Lovato Fan. But, when I heard this song I surprisingly liked it. 
 Selena Gomez & the Scene is an American pop band formed in Hollywood California in 2008. The song "Who Say's" is an empowering song to all young women to be confident and to believe in themselves and to not try and be somebody their not. Yes that sounds very cheesy  know, but I think the message in the song is very important especially now a days where the media tells women what beautiful is suppose to look like.

What's my Story behind this song? Well there isn't a actual story...but  do relate to the song. Just like any other teen girl I've had a lot of insecurities. I was insecure about my body, my skin, about everything! I never thought I was pretty...but when I hear songs like this...I will admit, it does make me smile. Yes I know...cheesy but I think we can all relate to the cheesyness. Everyone has insecurities but we shouldn't always focus on those little imperfections or listen to people when they call us fat, or too skinny, or ugly or anything negative about our physical appearance. We should never let anyone bring us down.If we do...your own thoughts about yourself, don't matter. Those are the only opinions that matter.

So that's the song for today. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening and remember. Once those headphones are in, the smile comes naturally

Forever Yours <3